Securing One & Only Aesthesis: Grivalia Properties REIC & OTE Subcontractor Collaboration

In a strategic partnership, Praxis Factor, serving as a subcontractor to OTE, collaborated with Grivalia Properties REIC to enhance safety measures and network integration at the One & Only Aesthesis property. This case study illustrates the project’s aims, the innovative approaches employed, and the notable improvements achieved, showcasing Praxis Factor’s expertise in deploying state-of-the-art safety and communication solutions in the real estate sector.

Project Overview

  • Clients: Grivalia Properties REIC & OTE subcontractor
  • Property: One & Only Aesthesis
  • Purpose: To fortify property safety systems and improve network connectivity.

Project Objectives

The project aimed to:

  1. Implement an advanced addressable fire detection system for timely alerts and response.
  2. Integrate comprehensive fire extinguishment solutions to mitigate risks and protect occupants.
  3. Strengthen property-wide connectivity through enhanced backbone network interconnections.

Our Approach

  • Addressable Fire Detection System: Installed cutting-edge fire detection technology capable of pinpointing the exact location of incidents, enabling quicker response times.
  • Fire Extinguishment Solutions: Implemented a holistic fire safety approach with state-of-the-art extinguishment systems designed to offer comprehensive protection.
  • Backbone Network Interconnection: Upgraded and interconnected the property’s network infrastructure, ensuring seamless communication and operational continuity.

Impactful Outcomes

Significant results include:

  • A robust safety infrastructure, significantly elevating the level of protection against fire hazards.
  • Enhanced network performance, achieving greater operational efficiency and reliability across the property’s technological ecosystem.
  • A solid foundation for future technology integrations, positioning One & Only Aesthesis as a benchmark for modern property management and safety standards.

This initiative with Grivalia Properties REIC and as a subcontractor for OTE at One & Only Aesthesis underscores Praxis Factor’s commitment to delivering top-tier safety and technological solutions in the property sector, emphasizing our role in advancing secure and efficient property management practices.

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