iPECS eMG800

Innovative hybrid platform


Maximizing Cost and Communication Effectiveness
iPECS eMG800 is an optimized SME solution built with the common challenges of SMEs in mind such as growth, flexible IP converged capabilities, unified communications, ease of use, mobility, single management, scalability, reliability and cost-effectiveness. Same as iPECS UCP, iPECS eMG800 also provides embedded unified communications services. Users can improve business efficiency and productivity with iPECS UCS built in standard or external premium server. iPECS eMG800 supports complete single network IP solutions with high capacity embedded VoIP to protect your upfront investment. Also, it can seamlessly migrate to an IP converged world as an innovative hybrid platform. To fulfill varying needs and requirements in the SME environments, iPECS eMG800 provides a various range of applications and mobile clients. Also, it offers interoperability with various 3rd party solutions in hospitality, healthcare and other vertical industries. iPECS eMG800 enables flexible and cost-effective multi-site deployment, and it makes users can experience seamless and powerful communications. Also, it can be fully networked in T-NET (Transparent Networking) for local survivability and PSTN failover. Through flexible T-NET features, IT managers can easily manage a multi-site architecture.


Features and Benefits


Embedded UC and telephony
• iPECS UCS standard server is built in iPECS eMG800
• iPECS UCS standard provides various features such as Video, Instant Message (IM), Audio Conference, Visual Voice Mail (VVM) etc.
• iPECS UCS premium server (External server) provides more various features than standard server


Seamless scalability
• Basic capacity is 200 ports
• Expandable up to 1,200 ports by a simple system expansion
• User can reduce initial and upfront investment cost


Simple and flexible architecture
• T-NET(Transparent Networking) for local survivability and PSTN failover
• IT managers can easily manage a multi-site business network
• Realizing a seamless and powerful business communication


Improved business performance

• Various applications for user (iPECS IPCR, Attendant, NMS, Voice Mail, ClickCall and RCCV for MS Lync/SfB)
• Interoperability with various 3rd party solutions in hospitality, healthcare and other vertical industries
• Users can set up an efficient communications environment with various applications


Embedded VoIP
• Embedded VoIP Max 8 channels by license
• Provides cost benefits on overall business communications for using VoIP channel