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  • We have the ability to operate at any scale required (offices, hotels, construction, universities, vessels, etc.)
  • Ericsson reliability is timeless and reflected in the trust by those whom communications is an integral part of their operations
  • We provide the full range of telecom app solutions: programming – installation-maintenance- customization – extension
  • Customized solutions and highly competitive prices (evidence, the successes in public procurement projects: National Theatre, Harokopio University, etc)
  • Unrivalled know-how, as our company has a presence and experience of decadesin the telecoms industry
  • We are of the first to have installed Ericsson technology at this scale in Greece
  • We remain pioneers as we are providing financing options for telecommunications equipment


The overall operation of Praxis Factor is governed by the principles that are reflected in the Quality Management System which is based on the requirements & specifications defined by the International Standards ISO 9001:2015.

Fundamental principle and primary goal of the company, through the implementation of the quality management system, is the provision of quality products and services that meet the needs and expectations of our clients.


The main objectives of the QMS are:

  • The continuous improvement of the provided products and services as well as the overall operation of QMS.
  • Compliance with the legislation and regulatory requirements governing the activity of our company andsystematic compliance check.
  • Full monitoring of contractual obligations.


The achievement of the above is determined through the processes of the QMS, which define actions such as:

  • The systematic monitoring of the effectiveness of the system, through annual reviews from the administration, internal inspections, etc.
  • Clear definition of client’s requirements.
  • Continuous monitoring of suppliers’ performance.
  • Ensuring the adequacy of employees through continuous training.
  • Documented and continuously monitored, measured of customer satisfaction and recording of any suggestions or complaints.
  • To ensure the essential resources for its effective operation.
  • A documented search for causes of problems and weaknesses in order to determine and implement the necessary corrective actions to avoid recurrence.
  • Risk Analysis (Risk Assessment) and effectiveness testing.


The overall application of the principles of the system is ensured through the continuous updates and training of the personnel at all levels, with the main goalto create the relative awareness of the aims and philosophy of the system.

All personnel are invited to the faithful observance of the above and the Quality Management Officer in the monitoring of implementation of the present. This policy is reviewed annually.


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